Spring Racing is Here!

2014 FL/GA Spring Championship, Round #1

Bostwick Creek Mx Park


Story by Tracy Forward

Photos by Tracy Forward

Bostwick, FL         March 30, 2014


Spring is here, and the 2014 FL/GA Spring Series has begun at Bostwick Creek Mx Park! As it seemed to work so well during the Fall Classic, the FGSC will again be hosting some of the Florida Trail Riders Mx Series events during the Spring Series. This should make for some exciting racing once again, as FTR riders line up at the gate alongside the FGSC riders to compete. April showers arrived a little too early at Bostwick on Saturday, forcing practice to be cancelled in order to ensure the best possible racing conditions for the next day's race. This proved to be a good decision, as the track was race ready on Sunday. The extra moisture sure made for some dirty number plates though! The score-keepers had their work cut out for them, trying to quickly identify each rider as they raced by.

The first race of the day, the D-C Unlimited class, was also the largest. Twenty two riders battled it out, but it was Honda rider Mark Zerrusen (#11) who would take the win with 1-1 moto finishes. Beach Blvd Motorsports rider Brandon Kent (SUZ #136) would take second, with Yamaha mounted Austin Grabow (#359) finishing in third.


Florida MOTO News - Mark Zerrusen (HON #11) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series       Florida MOTO News - Brandon Kent (SUZ #136) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series    Florida MOTO News - Austin Grabow (YAM #359) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series

Always a crowd pleaser, the Lites C class didn't disappoint. Moto one results differed greatly from moto two results throughout the field. At the end of the day though, Mark Zerrusen (HON #11) would go home with yet another win. Team BTR rider Danny Diciaccio would finish second, and Middlebrook Racing's Mason Middlebrook would finish third.

Florida MOTO News - Mark Zerrusen (HON #11) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series      Florida MOTO News - Danny Diciaccio (YAM #515) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series

In the 16-29 class, yet another fast and aggressive group took to the track to show their skill. Jake Raikes (HON #44) finished first, with Tanner Hughes (HON #893), and Brian Castleberry (KAW #42) finishing second and third respectively. The 105-250cc 12-15 class winner was Beck's Tech's Team BTR rider Hunter Hawkins, with Billy Baker (YAM #54) taking second, and Michael Wise (KAW #21c) finishing third.

Florida MOTO News - Jake Raikes (HON #44) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series        Florida MOTO News - Hunter Hawkins (KTM #434) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series

On the PeeWee track, the 50cc bikes were plentiful. Young Tyler Mollet (COB #20) took the win in the 50cc 4-6 class, and also finished third in the 50cc Open class. The 50cc Open class win went to Chase Matott (KTM #57), who also took the win in the 50cc 7-9 class. Ryder Gwynn (KTM #5) finished in second place in both the 50cc Open and 50cc 7-9 classes. Jack Sessions (KTM #30) was the winner in the 50cc Beginner class, with Dyllon Kimsey (KTM #529) and Camden Rodriguez (YAM #712) finishing the day in second and third place respectively.

Florida MOTO News - Chase Matott (KTM #57) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series  Florida MOTO News - Chase Matott (KTM #57) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series  Florida MOTO News - Tyler Mollet (COB #20) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series  Florida MOTO News - Tyler Mollet (COB #20) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series

Florida MOTO News - Jack Sessions (KTM #30) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series  Florida MOTO News - Brayden Ford (COB #54y) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series  Florida MOTO News - Braxton Ford (YAM #54) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series  Florida MOTO News - Ryder Gwynn (KTM #5) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series

Florida MOTO News - Logan Mortberg (KTM #317) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series  Florida MOTO News - Camden Rodriguez (YAM #712) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series  Florida MOTO News - Calvin Wells (YAM #5) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series  Florida MOTO News - Dyllon Kymsey (KTM #529) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series  Florida MOTO News - Trent Nichols (KTM #29) - 2014 FL/GA Spring Series

The FGSC's 2014 FL/GA Spring Series continues April 13 at Pax Trax Mx Park in Bunnell, FL. For FGSC series dates, information, and full race results, visit flgaracing.com. Don't forget to check out the FLMN GALLERY to view more photos from the race!



D-C UNLIM:  1. Mark Zerrusen; 2. Brandon Kent; 3. Austin Grabow; 4. John Haller; 5. Christopher Tierney

16-29:  1.Jake Raikes; 2. Tanner Hughes; 3. Brian Castleberry; 4. Jonathan Baker; 5. Kirk Eminger

105-250cc 12-15:  1. Hunter Hawkins; 2. Billy Baker; 3. Michael Wise; 4. Wyatt Dreggors

85cc Beginner:  1. Caleb Miller; 2. Payton Nelson; 3.Chris Cassano; 4. Austin Kembro; 5. Nate Carr

Lites C:  1. Mark Zerrusen; 2. Danny Diciaccio; 3. Mason Middlebrook; 4. Hunter Hawkins; 5.Austin Grabow

Open Am No A:  1. Jonathan Baker; 2. Joe Calliendo; 3. Steve Loomis; 4. Jake Raikes; 5. Bradley Leachman

65cc Open:  1. Collin Dellarco; 2. Christopher Achatz; 3. Blair Howard; 4. Jared Cannon

65cc Beginner:  1. Fabian Nunez; 2. Joshua Van Wyk; 3. Ryder Gwynn; 4. Trent Nichols; 5. Joey Infante

MX B:  1. Bryce Mauldin; 2. Tanner Hughes; 3. Jake Raikes; 4. Jeremy Truesdell; 5. Kirk Eminger

+50:  1.Daryl Thiel; 2. Mark Shields; 3. Mike Pelham; 4. Ed Garlin; 5. Larry Eminger

MX C:  1. Danny Diciaccio; 2. Brandon Kent; 3. Steve Loomis; 4. John Haller; 5. Michael Reynolds

Jr Mini 9-13:  1. Johnathan Fitzgerald; 2. Rowdy Houston; 3. Alex Lugar; 4. Trent Payne; 5. Greyson Jackson

Spr Mini 12-15:  1. Cole Williams; 2.Brett Meade; 3.Jordan Potts; 4. Hunter Blackledge; 5. Hayden Hawkins

65cc 7-9:  1. Collin Dellarco; 2. Christopher Achatz; 3. Jared Cannon; 4. Fisher Houston; 5. Joshua Van Wyk

Women:  1. Tracy Forward

Lites Beginner:  1. Jordan Potts; 2. Stephen Pedano; 3. Willie Heflin; 4. Matt Sieg; 5. Nathan Froess

MX Beginner:  1. Alex Johnson; 2. Ricky Sander; 3. Justin Grimes; 4. Nick Dumas; 5. Gary Dooley

2 Strk Open:  1. Bryce Mauldin; 2. Dave Froess; 3. Austin Stuart; 4. David Dreggors; 5. Wyatt Dreggors

+40:  1. James Nagy; 2. Robert Butts; 3. William Field; 4. Daryl Thiel; 5. Karl "pops" Friebel

Evolution (FTR class):  1. Mason Boyd; 2. Kai Shrauch; 3. Van Aderhold; 4. Tom Bell

90 Bombers (FTR class):  1. Steve Sr Loomis

Vintage (FTR class):  1. Don Baham; 2. Danny Baxley

Vet C:  1. Robert Bryntesen; 2. Matt Oullis; 3. Garrett Cannon; 4. Karl "pops" Friebel; 5. Mike Gwynn

MX A:  1. Jason Frank; 2. Marvin Staser; 3. Lucas Lowe

Vet A $:  1. Robert Butts; 2. James Nagy

85cc 12-15:  1. Cole Williams; 2. Brett Meade; 3. Hunter Blackledge; 4. Hayden Hawkins

85cc 10-11:  1.Johnathan Fitzgerald; 2. Alex Lugar; 3. Trent Payne; 4. Greyson Jackson; 5. Rowdy Houston

Open Money:  1. Lucas Lowe; 2. Johnny Wasco; 3. Jordan Hoover; 4. Jason Frank; 5. Kyle Goerke

+30:  1. Joe Calliendo; 2. Matt Oullis; 3. Dave Froess; 4. William Field; 5. James Nagy

Lites B:  1.Bryce Mauldin; 2. Jeremy Truesdell; 3. C.j. Harris; 4. Bradley Leachman; 5. Jonathan Baker

50cc 7-9:  1. Chase Matott; 2. Ryder Gwynn; 3. Trent Nichols; 4. Dawson Baker; 5. Ryan Gardner

50cc 4-6:  1. Tyler Mollet; 2. Brayden Ford; 3. Logan Mortberg; 4. Jack Sessions; 5. Hayden Ninesling

Peewee Shaft 4-6:  1. Braxton Ford; 2. Calvin Wells

50cc Beginner:  1. Jack Sessions; 2. Dyllon Kimsey; 3. Camden Rodriguez; 4. Calvin Wells; 5. Caiden Frazzini

50cc Open:  1. Chase Matott; 2. Ryder Gwynn; 3. Tyler Mollet; 4. Dawson Baker; 5. Brayden Ford

Quad 7-12 (FTR class):  1. Ian Platt


Be sure to visit the FLMN GALLERY to view the photo coverage of the race too!


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