High-Flying Racing Action at Motocross of Marion County!

2015 FL/GA Spring Championship






2015 FL/GA Spring Championship, Round #3

Motocross of Marion County / Reddick

Story by Tracy Beck

Photos by Tracy Beck

Reddick, FL         April 26, 2015


Round #3 of the 2015 FL/GA Spring Championship was a treat for spectators, with high-flying racing action at Motocross of Marion County! Racers were giving their best performances, charging hard and flying their machines over the jumps in spectacular fashion. For the most part, they made it look easy. However, the day did not go so effortlessly for a few, as there were a few hard crashes. The most spectacular crash of the day belonged to Kawasaki rider John Ogrady (#210). Ogrady made the tough decision to bail out over Reddick's famous "Hang-Time" jump. Fortunately he was not seriously hurt, and now has quite a racing story to tell! FLMN happened to catch the near catastrophe on film, and John Ogrady MOST CERTAINLY will hold the Florida MOTO News Featured Photo spot for a while!

Florida MOTO News  Race Report  featured rider - Roberto Burgos (KTM #382)  Florida MOTO News Featured Photo - Kawasaki rider John Ogrady (#210) bails out over Reddick's famous "Hang-Time" jump at RD #3 of the 2015 FL/GA Spring Championship. Florida MOTO News Race Report featured rider Brandon Slane (HON #408)

Speed and style were evident all throughout the day of racing. Riders took to the track to battle for the win, and some managed to even obtain their goal in more than one class. Barry Mccarty (KTM #27) dominated the Plus classes, taking the win in the +35, +45, and +50 classes, with 1-1 moto scores in each class! Bryce Backaus (YAM #497), Dylan Greer (YAM #777), and Austin Stuart (YAM #127) rode well, and took wins in two classes each. Backaus won both the Lites A class and the Open Money class. Dylan Greer got his two wins in the Lites B class and the MX B class, with Stuart's wins coming in the 105-250cc 12-15 and Lites C classes.

Florida MOTO News Race Report featured rider Barry Mccarty (KTM #27) Florida MOTO News Race Report featured rider Bryce Backaus (YAM #497) Florida MOTO News Race Report featured rider Dylan Greer (YAM #777) Florida MOTO News Race Report featured rider Austin Stuart (YAM #127)

Classes for the smaller bikes were just as packed with talented, high-flying racers. Hardy Munoz (YAM #73), displayed his talent all day, riding with obvious skill, and taking the win in both the Super Mini 12-15 class and the 85cc 12-15 class. The 65cc Open and 65cc 10-11 classes were both won by Rosue Hernandez (KTM #899). Hernandez raced three classes, and rode strong all day, with a second place finish aboard his larger 85cc machine in the 85cc 10-11 class. If there were an award for kicking butt in the most classes in one event, Ryder Gwynn (KTM #5) would surely win it! The talented young racer competed in FOUR classes, taking the win in both the 50cc Open and 50cc 7-9 classes. Gwynn proved he was a threat to win aboard his 65cc machine as well, taking third place finishes in both the 65cc 7-9 class, and the 65cc Open class.

Florida MOTO News Race Report featured rider Hardy Munoz (YAM #73)  Florida MOTO News Race Report featured rider Rosue Hernandez (KTM #899) Florida MOTO News Race Report featured rider Ryder Gwynn (KTM #5)

The FGSC racing action will continue next at Pax Trax Mx Park in Bunnell, FL. Another track known to be a rider and spectator favorite, Round #4 of the 2015 FL/GA Spring Championship should be full of some great racing action. For full race/series results from the 2015 FL/GA Spring Championship, and more information about the FGSC series, visit flgaracing.com! 


Jr Mini 9-13: 1. Robertyo Burgos; 2. Rowdy Houston; 3. Fisher Houston; 4. Greyson Jackson

Lites B: 1. Dylan Greer; 2. Jonathan Baker; 3. Glenn Currey; 4. Justin Farnum; 5. John Ogrady

Lites A: 1. Bryce Backaus; 2. Justin Whaler

MX C: 1. Adam Aderhold; 2. Austin Rich; 3. Derek Lafon; 4. N. Jordan Fuguet; 5. Corey Woodard

85cc BEG: 1. Parker Earl; 2. Sara Norton; 3. Alex Morris; 4. Trent Nichols; 5. Zachary Mezie

Spr Mini: 1. Hardy Munoz; 2. Hunter Blackledge; 3. Josh Rosa; 4. Cj Rosa; 5. Austin Fryer

+50: 1. Barry Mccarty; 2. Mark Osteen; 3. Mike Mezie; 4. Robert Nagy; 5. Gifford Quast

MX BEG: 1. Jonathan Flanders; 2. David Maderos; 3. David Greene; 4. Freddy Guevara

65cc 7-9: 1. Chase Matott; 2. Brandon Ma; 3. Ryder Gwynn; 4. Zane Spires; 5. Braxton Burnsed

65cc 10-11: 1. Rusue Hernandez; 2. Christopher Achatz; 3. Jared Cannon; 4. David Cruce; 5. Colin Dellarco

+35: 1. Barry Mccarty; 2. Clint Frank; 3. Preston Tyson; 4. George Masden

105-250cc 12-15: 1. Austin Stuart; 2. Hardy Munoz; 3. Hunter Blackledge; 4. Cj Rosa

MX A: 1. Justin Whaler; 2. Jake Raikes

50cc BEG: 1. Braxton Ford; 2. Caiden Frazzini; 3. Max Newman; 4. Kacey Sheehan; 5. Lukas Graham

Women: 1. Shelby Quast; 2. Kristen Washington; 3. Breonna Walker; 4. Payton Willis; 5. Jaqueline Ross

Lites BEG: 1. Brandon Peavy; 2. Elliot Peavy; 3. Derek Morris; 4. Austin Perdue; 5. Austin Fryer

Vet C: 1. George Masden; 2. Josh Mays; 3. Kirk Suoburi; 4. Michael Webb; 5. Bryon Sheehan;

Open AM No A: 1. Zach Martin; 2. Jonathan Baker; 3. Dylan Greer

50cc Open: 1. Ryder Gwynn; 2. Zane Spires; 3. Chase Matott; 4. Braxton Burnsed; 5. Seth Dennis

85cc 12-15: 1. Hardy Munoz; 2. Roberto Burgos; 3. Parker Earl; 4. Josh Rosa; 5. Steven Goldi

85cc 10-11: 1. Rowdy Houston; 2. Rosue Hernandez; 3. Fisher Houston; 4. Greyson Jackson; 5. Zachary Mezie

+45: 1. Barry Mccarty; 2. Mark Osteen; 3. Kirk Suoburi; 4. David Smith

D-C UNLIM: 1. Hunter Freeman; 2. Derek Hopkins; 3. Brandon Peavy; 4. Kyle Keesee; 5. Tristan Ingram

50cc 7-9: 1. Ryder Gwynn; 2. Braxton Burnsed; 3. Zane Spires; 4. Tyson Longbottom; 5. Chase Matott

50cc 4-6: 1. Seth Dennis; 2. Brayden Ford; 3. Calen Myers; 4. Dougie Niezabitowski; 5. Jason Vlossak

+25: 1. Glenn Currey; 2. Justin Whaler; 3. Raymond Whitley; 4. Dalton Platt; 5. Derek Lafon

Lites C: 1. Austin Stuart; 2. Austin Rich; 3. Adam Aderhold; 4. Derek Hopkins; 5. N. Jordan Fuguet

65cc Open: 1. Rosua Hernandez; 2. Christopher Achatz; 3. Ryder Gwynn; 4. Colin Dellarco; 5. Jared Cannon

65cc BEG: 1. Ryder Mccarty; 2. Brody Slane; 3. Matthew White; 4. Rydar Chittum; 5. Ryan Gardner

Open Money: 1. Bryce Backaus; 2. Brandon Slane; 3. Jake Raikes

MX B: 1. Dylan Greer; 2. Dalton Platt; 3. Raymond Whitley; 4. Clint Frank; 5. Preston Tyson


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