FL/GA Fall Championship at Hard Rock Off Road Park

2014 FL/GA Fall Championship, Round #3

Hard Rock Off Road Park


Story by Tracy Beck

Photos by Tracy Beck

Ocala, FL         November 2, 2014


Florida MOTO News traveled to Ocala, Florida this past weekend to take part in round #3 of the 2014 FL/GA Fall Championship at Hard Rock Off Road Park. FGSC riders arrived ready to try out the latest track to be added to the series. Hard Rock Off Road Park's main track offers elevation changes of over 100 feet, step ups, step downs, tabletops, doubles, whoops, and more! As the track's website states, "The track's signature obstacle is the Water Tower Jump, which is a 100+ foot high hill with a jump trajectory of over 100 feet." The Hard Rock facility also has other mx tracks, hare-scrambles course, an off-road vehicle section, and even a pee-wee track for the little riders. The 50cc Beginner and 50cc 4-6 riders began the day of racing, putting in the first motos of the event on the Hard Rock pee-wee track. Calen Myers (KTM #73) would take the overall win in the 50cc Beginner class, ahead of Bubba Moody (KTM #259) and Tyson Longbottom (KTM #21). The three would battle again in the 50cc 4-6 class, where this time it was Goerke MX School rider Tyson Longbottom who was the victor. Calen Myers finished this race in second place, and Bubba Moody in third.

Florida MOTO News - Hard Rock Off Road Park - Water Tower Jump Florida MOTO News - Calen Myers (KTM #73)Florida MOTO News - Tyson Longbottom (KTM #21)

The 50cc 7-9 riders would race next, but these more experienced riders would have to navigate a portion of the main track and its large obstacles for their race. Ryder Gwynn (KTM #5) and Chase Matott (KTM #57) rode the big track well, charging through the elevation changes and sending their little 50cc machines flying high over Hard Rock's jumps. Matott was the winner in the first moto, but Gwynn proved to be the fastest in the second moto, taking the overall win with 2-1 scores. It was a busy day for both riders, as the two also race each other in the 65cc 7-9 and 65cc Open classes. Also racing in the 65cc 7-9 and 65cc Open classes were Donny Smallwood (KTM #151), Karson Meyer (KTM #19), and Jared Cannon (KTM #171), who rode hard to try for the win in each class. Meyer got the win in the 65cc Open class, but Smallwood would retaliate in the 65cc 7-9 class, and take the win with 1-1 moto scores. Jared Cannon brought home third place in each class.

Florida MOTO News - Ryder Gwynn (KTM #5)  Florida MOTO News - Ryder Gwynn (KTM #5)  Florida MOTO News - Chase Matott (KTM #57)

Florida MOTO News - Chase Matott (KTM #57)  Florida MOTO News - Karson Meyer (KTM #19)  Florida MOTO News - Brandon Ma (KTM #106)

Florida MOTO News - Donny Smallwood (KTM #151)  Florida MOTO News - David Cruce (KTM #421)  Florida MOTO News - Jared Cannon (KTM #171)

The Plus classes were full of some great moto battles too, with series announcer Carl Rutledge (KTM #662) taking the win in the Plus 40 class, ahead of the #80 Kawasaki ride of Mark Osteen. Osteen was the winner in the Vet C class, which also showed some great moto battles. Chet Sauer (SUZ #209) battled Jaco Wolmarans (KTM #626) for the win in the Plus 30 class, and his 2-1 finishes gave him the win. The winner of the Plus 50 class was Jay Estes (YAM #61).

Florida MOTO News - Carl Rutledge (KTM #662) Florida MOTO News - Mark Osteen (KAW #80) Florida MOTO News - Chet Sauer (SUZ #209) Florida MOTO News - Jay Estes (YAM #61)

The most exciting racing action of the day was certainly the moto battle between Lites C racers Austin Stuart (YAM #127) and Goerke MX School rider Jordan Fuguet (KAW #49). Around the corners, over the jumps, and everywhere in between, these two battled closely. The battle continued through the front section of the track, where spectators cheered the riders on. Fuguet was determined, and was giving it his all in an attempt to pass Stuart when he went down hard while navigating a section of jumps. Stuart would go on to take the Lites C win. Fuguet was able to remount his motorcycle and take the checkers, and his 1-4 moto finishes would still be enough to salvage a second place overall finish.

Florida MOTO News - Austin Stuart (YAM #127)Florida MOTO News - Jordan Fuguet (KAW #49)Florida MOTO News - Austin Stuart and Jordan Fuguet Lites C battle at Hard Rock Off Road Park.

Florida MOTO News - Austin Stuart and Jordan Fuguet Lites C battle at Hard Rock Off Road Park.Florida MOTO News - Jordan Fuguet crash at Hard Rock Off Road Park.Florida MOTO News - Jordan Fuguet crash at Hard Rock Off Road Park.

The excitement continues at Motocross of Marion County (Reddick) on November 9th, during round #4 of the 2014 FL/GA Fall Championship. A favorite of many, and forecast to have great weather, Reddick is sure to offer a day of great motocross racing. For full race/series results from the 2014 FL/GA Fall Championship, and more information about the FGSC series, visit flgaracing.com! 



50cc BEG: 1. Calen Myers; 2. Bubba Moody; 3. Tyson LongBottom; 4.Marvin Niezabitowski; 5. Jason Vlossak

50cc 4-6: 1. Tyson Longbottom; 3. Calen Meyers; 3. Bubba Moody; 4. Dougie Niezabitowski; 5. Kalum Stiffler

50cc 7-9: 1. Ryder Gwynn; 2. Chase Matott; 3. Caden Myer; 4. Braxton Levi; 5. Dominic Tavolacci

Jr Mini 9-13: 1. Rowdy Houston; 2. Fisher Houston; 3. Austin Kembro; 4. Payton Nelson

Spr Mini 12-15: 1. Sean Robinson; 2. Parker Earl; 3. Austin Fryer

Women: 1. Tracy Beck

Lites B: 1. C.j. Harris

MX BEG: 1. Jeff Parry; 2. Jonathan Flanders; 3. Joshua Rosa; 4. Scott Wright; 5. Jason Gens

85cc 12-15: 1. Payton Nelson; 2. Austin Kembro; 3. Austin Fryer

85cc 10-11: 1. Rowdy Houston; 2. Blair Howard; 3. Nate Carr

D-C UNLIM: 1. Thomas Fee; 2. Connor Fortune; 3. N. Jordan Fuguet; 4. Justin Bierle; 5. Garrett Cannon

65cc Open: 1. Karson Meyer; 2. Donny Smallwood; 3. Jared Cannon; 4. Chase Matott; 5. Ryder Gwynn

65cc BEG: 1. Brandon Ma; 2. Ryan Gardner; 3. Rydar Chittum; 4. Isabel Colon

85cc BEG: 1. Blair Howard; 2. Nate Carr; 3. Sean Robinson; 4. Josh Rosa; 5. Parker Earl

+40: 1. Carl Rutledge; 2. Mark Osteen

Open Am No A: 1. Michael Quagliaroll; 2. Chet Sauer; 3. John Haller; 4. Joshua Bilbro (DNF); 5. Carl Jackson (DNS)

2-Strk Open: 1. Jaco Wolmarans; 2. Austin Stuart; 3. Jordan Potts; 4. Justin Bierle

65cc 7-9: 1. Donny Smallwood; 2. Karson Meyer; 3. Jared Cannon; 4. Ryder Gwynn; 5. Brandon Ma

65cc 10-11: 1. David Cruce

Lites BEG: 1. Michael Wise; 2. Stephen Pedano; 3. Garret Willis; 4. Josh Davis; 5. James Fuata

Lites C: 1. Austin Stuart; 2. N. Jordan Fuguet; 3. Jordan Potts; 3. Justin Bierle; 5. Connor Fortune

Vet C: 1. Mark Osteen; 2. Robert Bryntesen; 3. Josh Mays; 4. Shawn Ninesling; 5. Jayme Gwynn

+50: 1. Jay Estes

+30: 1. Chet Sauer; 2. Jaco Wolmarans; 3. Michael Quagliaroli

MX C: 1. Thomas Fee; 2. Garrett Cannon; 3. Ricky Charron; 4. Josh Parry

MX B: 1. C.j. Harris; 2. John Haller

50cc Open: 1. Ryder Gwynn; 2. Braxton Levi; 3. Kalum Stiffler; 4. Isabel Colon; 5. Chase Matott


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