Mx Talent Plentiful in Florida

2013 FL/GA EverRev Fall Classic

Bostwick Creek Mx Park


Story by Tracy Forward

Photos by Tracy Forward and Shelby Krech

Bostwick, FL         September 15, 2013


Florida Moto News was out at Bostwick Creek Mx Park for the first round of the FL/GA EverRev Fall Classic. This year's event also hosted a Florida Trail Riders motocross race, whose racers lined up at the gate alongside the FGSC motocross racers to compete. Racers could sign up to be counted for points in one or both series, while also having the opportunity to gage their speed against some new competetion. Weather conditions were beautiful, warm, and sunny for the weekend's event. The Bostwick track was groomed to perfection to start off the racing in the Fall series smoothly, but certainly showed riders some challenging race conditions by the day's end.

Riders and spectators were treated to quite an entertaining show by Bo Partin (HON #X) and Johnny Wasco (KAW #379), who battled each other hard in the Mx A and Open $ classes, while staying ahead of the other riders. Wasco was victorious in the first moto of the Open $ class, but a DNF in moto 2 handed the win to Partin. Partin was also the winner in the Mx A class, where he won both motos.

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FLMN - Johnny Wasco and Bo Partin motocross start       FLMN - Johnny Wasco and Bo Partin side-by-side over motocross jump

FLMN - Johnny Wasco and Bo Partin battle at motocross race.       FLMN - Johnny Wasco Big Whip

The 65 classes provided some exceptional competition despite riders battling some rough track conditions for their second motos. Kawasaki #155 rider Rowdy Houston went home with the win in the 65 10-11 class, after finishing each moto ahead of the KTM #121 of Jessica Jeffery. In the 65 7-9 class, Donny Smallwood rode his #151 KTM hard and finished first both motos, taking the win! The 65 Open winner was Jared Cannon (KTM #171), and the 65 Beg. win went to KTM #421 rider David Cruce with 1-1 finishes.

FLMN - Donny Smallwood KTM #151 podium pic       FLMN - Rowdy Houston KAW #155 motocross race corner.

In the 105-250cc 12-15 class, Beck's Tech Racing teammates Dawson Stark and Tristan Lane produced a lot of exciting racing as they battled for the win. Both riders rode focused and smooth, but Stark dug deep and got the win. Lane went on to be the victor in the Lites B and Open Am No A classes later in the day. FLMN spoke with Team Beck's Tech Racing (Team BTR) owner Jason Beck, who was quite pleased with both riders' performances.

"It's great to have such talented riders on my team and pushing each other's skills. Team BTR has been blessed with many talented riders, and I am looking forward to seeing each one of them advance in the sport, and helping them accomplish their goals." -Jason Beck

FLMN - Dawson Stark KTM #91 podium pic       FLMN - Team BTR rider Dawson Stark

FLMN - Tristan Lane KAW #11 podium pic       FLMN - Dawson Stark and Tristan Lane motocross start

The always competitive C classes were again quite a show to watch. The Lites C class started it's first motos with 25 riders on the gate, but before the day was done, nearly half the field had at least one DNF. This included Team BTR rider Hunter Hawkins, who pulled the holeshot and ran away with the win in the first moto, but DNF'd the second, ending up eleventh at the end of the day. The Lites C win went to yet another successful Beck's Tech Racing rider, Rusty Heggan Jr., who went 4-1 for first overall. Rusty also competed in the Mx C class, where he finished just off the podium in fourth place. The racing in the Mx C class was equally exciting, with #777 Honda rider Mason Middlebrook showing how it's done and taking the win with 1-1 finishes! BAM Racing's Chase Krech (HON #28) and Team BTR's Danny Diciaccio (YAM #515) finished second and third respectively.

FLMN -Team BTR rider Hunter Hawkins #434 motocross holeshot.       FLMN - Team BTR rider Rusty Heggan podium pic.

Photo credit: Shelby Krech                                                            Photo credit: Shelby Krech      

FLMN - Mason Middlebrook #777 podium pic.       FLMN - BAM Racing's Chase Krech motocross jump.

Photo credit: Shelby Krech                                                            Photo credit: Shelby Krech

The +40 class was another entertaining race to watch as # 641 Honda rider Lee Tatham earned the win in a hard fought battle with second place finisher Barry Mccarty (KTM #27). Tatham had his work cut out for him to maintain the lead with Mccarty close behind applying the pressure.Tatham was successful, and managed to stay ahead of Mccarty each moto, winning the +40 class with 1-1 finishes. Mccarty would race again later in the Vet A $ class, posting a 1-1 moto score to capture the class win, and some money.

FLMN - Barry Mccarty and Lee Tatham motocross start.       FLMN - Mccarty and Tatham motocross battle.

FLMN - Lee Tatham HON#641      FLMN - Lee Tatham #641

Beach Blvd. Motorsports rider Brandon Kent took the win in the D-C Unlimited class after finishing 1-1. Ryan Prentice (HON #195) posted 2-3 moto scores, finishing the day in second place. #127 Yamaha rider Austin Stuart finished with third overall.

FLMN - Brandon Kent #136 podium pic.       FLMN - Bradon Kent #136 motocross corner.

Photo credit: Shelby Krech                                                                                                        

In the 85 age classes, Champions Powersports rider Jonathan Fitzgerald (KAW #54) was the winner in the 85 10-11 class, and Beck's Tech's Brett Meade (SUZ #147) got the win in the 12-15 class. Fitzgerald was also the winner in the Jr. Mini class after finishing 1-2. In the Supermini class, KTM rider Colton Eigenmann (KTM #815) could not be beat, as he went 1-1 for the win!

FLMN - Colton Eigenmann podium pic.       FLMN - Jonathan Fitzgerald KAW#54 motocross start.

FLMN - Beck's Tech Racing rider Brett Meade checkered flag.       FLMN - Team BTR rider Brett Meade SUZ#147 podium pic.

The 85 Beg. class is full of new talent as well. Trevor Loomis of Apopka, FL was riding to win on his #848 Yamaha. Trevor took the win in the 85 Beg. class over nine other beginner competitors. Second place went to Team Beck's Tech Racing rider Greyson Jackson. Jackson got the win in moto two, although it wasn't enough to beat the victorious Trevor Loomis.

FLMN - 85 Beginner class start.       FLMN - Team BTR rider Greyson Jackson  YAM#33 podium pic.

FLMN - Gabe Mcdougall YAM#22 motocross corner.       FLMN - Austin Tibbetts SUZ#48 motocross race.

The 2013 FL/GA EverRev Fall Classic continues September 21-22 at Mx of Marion County in Reddick, FL. For FGSC series dates, information, and full race results, visit flgaracing.com. Don't forget to check out the FLMN GALLERY to view more photos from the race!


RESULTS (top 5):

Mx Beg.:  1. Justin Grimes;  2. Eric Gerhardt;  3. Jacob Keel;  4. Matt Asper;  5.Gage Wagner

Lites Beg.:  1. Scott Garrigos;  2. Garrett Willis;  3. Jeff Ifante

Women:  1. Lacey Nordle

65cc Open:  1. Jared Cannon;  2. Logan Lanier;  3. Donny Smallwood;  4. Jessica Jeffery

65cc Beginner:  1. David Cruce;  2. Austin Mcafee;  3. Hayzley Freeman;  4. Joey Ifante;  5. Joshua Van Wyk 

16-29:  1. Daniel Cook;  2. Kirk Eminger;  3. Mason Middlebrook;  4. Jake Raikes;  5. Chase Krech

105-250cc 12-15:  1. Dawson Stark;  2. Tristan Lane;  3. Colton Eigenmann;  4. Trevor Brown;  5. Travis Nealy

Woods (FTR class):  1. Jimmy Loomis;  2. Spencer St. John;  3. Jason Sessions

Evolution (FTR class):  1. Kyle Mcafee;  2. Joe Steidl;  3. Kai Shrauch

90 Bombers (FTR class):  1. Steve Loomis;  2. Aaron Herlong

Vintage (FTR class):  1. Don Baham

85cc Beginner:  1. Trevor Loomis;  2. Greyson Jackson;  3. Gabe Mcdougall;  4. Harley Case;  5. Hunter Lewis

Open Am No A:  1. Tristan Lane;  2. Daniel Cook;  3. Lee Tatham;  4. John Ogrady;  5. Brian Castelberry

Mx C:  1. Mason Middlebrook;  2. Chase Krech;  3. Danny Diciaccio;  4. Russell Heggan Jr.;  5. Chris Colmenero

Mx B:  1. Branson Blake;  2. Kirk Eminger;  3. Jake Raikes;  4. Nicholas Smyth;  5. Ryan Harrington

2-Strk Open:  1. Dawson Stark;  2. Justin Farnum;  3. Billy Baker;  4. David Dreggors;  5. Wyatt Dreggors

+50:  1. Jon Osborn;  2. Dan Dyer;  3. M. Kretschmer;  4. Frank Swindell;  5. Tom Bell

Lites C:  1. Russell Heggan Jr.;  2. Wade Milligan;  3. Gage Stern;  4. Chaz Hawkinberry;  5. Austin Stuart

+40:  1. Lee Tatham;  2. Barry Mccarty;  3. Robert Butts;  4. Jon Osborn;  5. Mark Shields

Jr Mini:  1. Jonathan Fitzgerald;  2. Christian Dresser;  3. Darek Pixton;  4. Alex Lugar;  5. Trent Payne

Spr Mini:  1. Colton Eigenmann;  2. Brett Meade;  3. Justin Maloy;  4. Cole Williams;  5. Hunter Blackledge

+25:  1. Christine Birards;  2. Jose Santos;  3. Seth Robbins

+30:  1. Lee Tatham

D-C Unlimited:  1. Brandon Kent;  2. Ryan Prentice;  3. Austin Stuart;  4. Brady Bergeron;  5. C.j. Harris

65cc 7-9:  1. Donny Smallwood;  2. Jared Cannon;  3. Rosue Hernandez;  4. Fisher Houston;  5. Gage Pepin

65cc 10-11:  1. Rowdy Houston;  2. Jessica Jeffery

Mx A:  1. Bo Partin;  2. Christine Birarda;  3. Jonny Wasco;  4. James Nagy

Vet A $$:  1. Barry Mccarty;  2. Kyle Mcafee;  3. Preston Tyson

85cc 12-15:  1. Brett Meade;  2. Cole Williams;  3. Justin Maloy;  4. Hayden Hawkins

85cc 10-11:  1. Johnathan Fitzgerald;  2. Christian Dresser;  3. Darek Pixton;  4. Alex Lugar;  5. Alexander Case

Vet C:  1. Mark Shields;  2. Robert Bryntesen;  3. M. Kretschmer;  4. Russell Heggan Sr.;  5. Andy Newborn

Lites B:  1. Tristan Lane;  2. Dawson Stark;  3. Trevor Brown;  4. John Ogrady

Open Money:  1. Bo Partin;  2. Johnny Wasco;  3. John Marinos;  4. Mike Bragg;  5. James Nagy

Quad 13-15 (FTR class):  1. Joshua Jeffreys;  2. Bryanne Parks

Quad +35 (FTR class):  1. Mike Ferguson

Quad 7-12 (FTR class):  1. Jackson Parks

50cc 4-6:  1. Chase Matott;  2. Jack Sessions;  3. Brayden Ford;  4. Tyler Mollet;  5. Ryan Gardner

50cc 7-9:  1. Christopher Achatz;  2. David Frank;  3. Zane Spires;  4. Rosue Hernandez;  5. Trenton Mcclain

50cc Beginner:  1. Trenton Mcclain;  2. Fabian Nunez;  3. Ryan Gardner;  4. Logan Mortberg;  5. Dyllon Kimsey

50cc Open:  1. Christopher Achatz;  2. David Frank;  3. Ryder Gwynn;  4. Zane Spires;  5. Chase Matott



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