Florida Motocross Track BANS FAST RIDERS?!

Say It Isn't So!

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North Florida Motocross


Story by Tracy Beck

Photos by Tracy Beck

Hilliard, FL         July 7, 2015

Florida MOTO News was browsing through Facebook recently, and discovered some potentially disturbing information. Had a local Florida motocross track really banned fast riders?! There HAD to be more to this story...

Anyone who's ever been to Hilliard, Florida to ride at North Florida Motocross track knows that it always offers up a good time. A safe and relaxing atmosphere, and the chance to ride with riders of varying skill level. Sometimes beginners, sometimes pros, AND everything in between! Most riders really enjoy having the opportunity to watch, learn from, and test their skills against the faster riders. When I read of a FAST rider, who I know personally, being asked to leave and not ride at NFMX anymore, I was really quite concerned. It just didn't make sense. THIS was the kind of story that Florida MOTO News was made for. Florida Motocross Track Bans Fast Riders?! Say it isn't so! What was REALLY going on?

After seeing the almost immediate uproar of commentary on Facebook about the matter, I decided to just let it brew for a little bit. No story, yet. Maybe the parties involved would soon offer up some explanation that would calm my fears. Maybe they would give me EVEN MORE to write about! Time would tell. A day or so later, I signed back on to Facebook to seek the latest information about this brewing controversy at NFMX. Sure enough, the track's owner had posted a much anticipated explanation. Already the Facebook posts were starting to sound much nicer, and now I had a GOOD story to tell. So here goes...

Sometimes communication, or lack of, can really get the best of us. Evidently, some A/Pro riders WERE recently asked to leave North Florida Motocross. They were really quite upset over this, as they felt they were being discriminated against, and didn't feel welcome at the track anymore. After reading about the rider's frustration on Facebook, many in the motocross community were also upset, and the negative posts started flying. Why wouldn't the track just break up the practice sessions by skill level? Why would a track turn away business? Were these great guys really being banned? Well, yes AND no.

"Banned" is such a harsh sounding word. NO ONE is being "banned" from North Florida Motocross. However, Pro/A riders are being asked to come and ride on Wednesdays and Thurdays, and not at all on the weekends. This leaves the weekends for the average riders, weekend warriors, and "just-for-fun" cruisers, who make up the majority of the track's customers. One can also certainly understand the track's reluctance to break up the practices by skill level for only a couple of fast riders. It just seems to make sense for them to ride on a day without all the "average rider" traffic. Will it work, and keep everyone happy? Time will tell.

As this topic has already moved well beyond the pages of Facebook, and not EVERYONE uses Facebook, it would to seem to be quite important to make sure to help spread the word, and make sure that folks know that EVERYONE is still welcome at North Florida Mx! Just remember, if you're one of those "fast guys", come on Wednesday or Thursday. And if you're not so fast, well, then I will probably see ya out there when I'm riding!


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