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2016 FL/GA Spring Championship & Florida Series Combined Race at Motocross of Marion County

FLMN News Report

2016 Motocross Racing


Photos, Video, and Article by Tracy Beck

Reddick, FL         April 17, 2016


The 2016 FL/GA Spring Championship & Florida Series Combined races made their latest stop at Motocross of Marion County (Reddick). The combined races again brought in a large number of motocross racers, eager to get on the gate with lots of fast competition. The Reddick track was a picturesque scene, with great moto battles occuring all over the track. Some riders choosing to make a daring high speed pass along the treeline, and others deciding to carefully plot a great corner pass. Then there were the high-flying passes, with riders jumping past each other over the spectator-wowing Reddick jumps.

The 65cc 6-9 and 65cc 6-11 classes saw a field of talented and fast competitors. All these young riders charged hard, showing both speed and style, but it would be Moon Gerrits (KTM #495) who would grasp the win in both classes. Young Emile Lacher (KTM #55) showed his talent, riding very well and taking the win in both the 50cc 4-9 and 50cc 7-9 classes. Gage Gongas (KTM #546) came away with the win in both the 85cc 12-14 and 85 JR Mini 9-13 classes. Spectators seemed to greatly enjoy watching these talented young racers battle it out on the track.

The VET C/NOVICE class has been one of the largest classes at each round so far, and this round was more of the same. Gated alongside the Plus 30 class, the field of 23 racers made for some great racing. Nate Ingram (KTM #50) took the win in the VET C/NOVICE class, giving him his third consecutive win in the class. Ingram is certainly on his way to a championship win in 2016. Joel Gregor (KTM #341) was the winner in the Plus 30 class. Lee Tatham got the holeshot in the Plus 35 class, riding with a commanding lead to the checkers, and taking the win with 1-1 moto scores. In the Plus 45 class, Steve Dumond (KAW #211) showed his speed and skill, taking the win both motos. Dylan Greer (YAM #777) was the winner in the 250B, 450B, and Open Am No A classes, winning every moto.

After three rounds of racing, riders now have a pretty good idea of the competition they will be up against in the battle for the championship wins. The combined series racing gives riders the chance to possibly be champion in TWO series for the price of one, and certainly has everyone trying their best. The combined races head next to WW Ranch Mx on May 1, 2016. The WW Ranch track is a favorite of many, and no doubt will draw huge numbers of racers and spectators. Be sure to make your way to the beautiful WW Ranch to enjoy a great day of motocross racing. FLMN will be there to report on all the racing action! Check out the TOP 5 results, photos, and video from the Motocross of Marion County race below. For full race/series results from the 2016 FL/GA Spring Championship, and more information about the FGSC series, visit flgaracing.com. For full race/series results from the 2016 Florida Series, visit floridaseries.com.



16-24: 1. Dirco Van Der Westhuizen; 2. George Warren; 3. Dalton Metzler; 4. John Sardina; 5. Matt Torelli

450 A: 1. Michael Clarke

Plus 25: 1. Mark Mclaughlin; 2. Steven Killen; 3. Teddy Block

85cc (9-11): 1. Matti Jorgensen; 2. Jacquel Gonzalez; 3. Josh Clark; 4. Jared Cannon; 5. Ayden Shive

Women 14+: 1. Maggie Gerrits; 2. Chelsea Welch; 3. Gabby Stead; 4. Aura Schmelyun; 5. Tracy Beck

Plus 50: 1. James Rolland; 2. Richard Irvall; 3. Mike Wilshaw; 4. Tom Magee; 5. Daryl Thiel

50cc OIL: 1. Carson Wood; 2. Colton Derico; 3. Carter Clay

50cc BEG: 1. Austin Brown; 2. Jake Dunham; 3. Parker Murphy; 4. Jake Roberts; 5. Lainey Sheehan

250 BEG/D: 1. Nicholas Wood; 2. Collin Souders; 3. Joey Wright; 4. Isaiah Stockford; 5. Nick Collins

OPEN AM NO A: 1. Dylan Greer; 2. George Warren; 3. Cody Redfern; 4. Hunter Hawkins; 5. Mark Mclaughlin

85cc BEG/D: 1. Stone Newsome; 2. Larry Mcgough; 3. Mason Hronec; 4. Owen Pixton; 5. Brandon Bootz

65cc (6-9): 1. Moon Gerrits; 2. Chase Matott; 3. Zane Spires; 4. Emile Lacher; 5. Gavin Brooks

450 C: 1. Diego R. Tavares; 2. Evan Haimowitz; 3. Tristan Ingram; 4. Hunter Freeman; 5. Hunter Blackledge

450 B: 1. Dylan Greer; 2. Dirco Van Der Westhuizen; 3. Austin Stuart; 4. Justin Maloy; 5. George Warren

85cc (12-14): 1. Gage Gongas; 2. Brandon Coates; 3. Blair Howard; 4. Dustin Salter; 5. Trent Payne

50cc OPEN (4-9): 1. Emile Lacher; 2. Chris "bubba" Moody; 3. Dougie Niezabitowski; 4. Calen Myers; 5. Afton Mann

Plus 35: 1. Lee Tatham; 2. Todd Wichtner; 3. Joel Gregor; 4. Robert Butts; 5. Teddy Block

D-C UNLIMITED: 1. Christopher Thorn; 2. Darek Pixton; 3. Josh Parry; 4. Josh Mays; 5. Justin Bierle

85 JR MINI (9-13): 1. Gage Gongas; 2. Brandon Coates; 3. Matti Jorgensen; 4. Jack Kinney; 5. Ayden Shive

50cc (4-6): 1. Jonathan Getz; 2. Afton Mann; 3. Colton Derico; 4. Jake Dunham; 5. Carson Wood

50cc (7-9): 1. Emile Lacher; 2. Gavin Brooks; 3. Chris "bubba" Moody; 4. Dougie Niezabitowski; 5. Calen Myers

YOUTH (12-15) 105-250F: 1. Christian Dresser; 2. Hunter Blackledge; 3. Pelle Gabrielsson; 4. Chris Cassano; 5. Parker Earl

2 STROKE OPEN: 1. Trevor Brown; 2. Dalton Metzler; 3. Joey Wright; 4. Chance Reighard

OPEN MONEY: 1. Michael Clarke

PLUS 45: 1. Steve Dumond; 2. Todd Wichtner; 3. Mark Miller; 4. Tony Szynaka; 5. Tom Magee

450 BEG/D: 1. Chris Camp; 2. Sean Florkiewicz; 3. Aura Schmelyun; 4. Cobie Mann

65cc OPEN (6-11): 1. Moon Gerrits; 2. Ryder Gwynn; 3. Chase Matott; 4. Zane Spires; 5. Emile Lacher

SUPER MINI (10-15): 1. Christian Dresser; 2. Gage Gongas; 3. Maggie Gerrits; 4. Trent Payne; 5. Josh Rosa

GIRLS (9-13): 1. Isabel Colon; 2. Desert Touchton

PLUS 30: 1. Joel Gregor; Teddy Block; 3. Brandon Shariff

VET C/NOVICE: 1. Nate Ingram; 2. John Getz; 3. Josh Mays; 4. David Madeiros; 5. Richard Irvall

250 C: 1. Diego R. Tavares; 2. Tristan Ingram; 3. Dalton Metzler; 4. Hunter Freeman; 5. Evan Haimowitz

250 B: 1. Dylan Greer; 2. Dirco Van Der Westhuizen; 3. Austin Stuart; 4. Justin Maloy; 5. Trevor Brown

65cc BEG: 1. Kristopher Morgan; 2. Frankie Notarino; 3. Jason Vlossak; 4. Kacey Sheehan

65cc (10-11): 1. Ryder Gwynn; 2. Brock Kreimeier; 3. Kai Curry

PLUS 40: 1. Steve Dumond; 2. Lee Tatham; 3. Robert Butts; 4. Joel Gregor; 5. Matt Oullis

PLUS 55: 1. Rick Slavik



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2016 FL/GA Spring Championship & Florida Series Combined Race - Reddick


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