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Florida MOTO News  - Motocross Series to Combine Races!

2016 Cross Roads Arenacross Championship Series, RD #2 - February 27th


2016 Arenacross Racing


Story by: Tracy Beck

Video by: Tracy Beck

Jasper, FL         February 27, 2016


Florida MOTO News traveled to Jasper, Florida to visit Cross Roads Motorplex for a full weekend of racing fun! The weekend began on Friday, with practice on the Cross Roads Arenacross track. This was the last chance to practice the track, before Saturday night's arenacross race. Friday night's chilly weather left riders battling the cold too, along with the tracks recently toughened up whoop section. Riders seemed to very much enjoy the practice session, and appeared ready to charge hard at the next night's race. FLMN had a great time Friday night, and was quite excited about the upcoming arenacross race.

Satuday, FLMN enjoyed a full day of practice on the Cross Roads Motocross track. Then, it was time for a little rest and recovery. Time to grab a bite to eat, shower, and get geared up again for the excitement of the Saturday night arenacross race!

The national anthem played, and the evening's racing began! The first race out of the gate was the Dash For Cash. After a quick dash to the finish, the top three were: 1. Kyle Vibbert (KAW #701); 2. Brandon Slane (HON #408); 3. Bryce Backaus (HON #497). Next, the heat races began, with the 50cc 4-6 and the 50cc Beginner classes. The little bike racing was just as full of entertaining racing action, with spectators full of cheers for the young racers. The heat races continued on, with riders giving their best efforts to ensure some great main event racing. There was even head-to-head racing among the Open Money class riders, to decide the gate at the Open Money Main Event.

After the heat races, the Open Money riders gathered at the gate for their parade lap. As the riders took their parade lap, fireworks lit up the night sky overhead. Riders and spectators were ready for the racing excitement to begin! Riders returned to the gate. The 30 second card went up. The gate dropped, and the riders were off! The next few minutes would be quite a show, with riders battling the whole race. Kyle Vibbert (KAW #701), who had suffered an injury during Friday night practice, would lead the pack for quite some time. Eventually though, he would lose the position to Bryce Backaus (HON #497), who would then ride on to take the win. The Open Money finish was as follows: 1. Bryce Backaus (HON #497); 2. Kyle Vibbert (KAW #701); 3. Brandon Slane (HON #408); 4. Jack Sigismondi (YAM #295).

The main event racing would then continue for the rest of the night, each race offering a ton of racing action to both riders and spectators. Check out the Florida MOTO News video from the race, and then scroll down to see race results. For Cross Roads Ax Championship Series points, contact Cross Roads Motorplex. For contact info on the track's Facebook page, CLICK HERE: Cross Roads Motorplex.


Dash For Cash: 1. Kyle Vibbert (#701); 2. Brandon Slane (HON #408); 3. Bryce Backaus (HON #497)

50cc BEG: 1. 1. Parker Murphy (COB #544); 2. Katie Floyd (YAM #50)

50cc 4-6: 1. Afton Mann (KTM #115)

250 C: 1. Tyler Floyd (YAM #124); 2. Kyle Ianuale (KTM #755); 3. Michael Kennedy (KAW #2); 4. Chris Poole (SUZ #247)

65cc 7-11: 1. Christopher Achatz (KtM #124); 2. Brody Slane (KAW #365)

250 BEG: 1. Matt Moore (YAM #424); 2. Zach Moore (YAM #413); 3. William Kennedy (#7); 4. Shawn Stever (SUZ #247)

450 C: 1. Kyle Ianuale (KTM #755)

Plus 40: 1. Jason Beck (KTM #346)

Vet Novice: 1. Brian Valler (HON #611)

Women 14 Plus: 1. Tracy Beck (YAM #379)

85cc BEG: 1. Brody Slane

65cc Open: 1. Christopher Achatz (KTM #124)

Super Mini: 1. Christopher Achatz (KTM #124)

125 Two Stroke: 1. Tyler Floyd (YAM #124)

Schoolboy 14-16: 1. Chris Poole (SUZ #247); 2. Zach Moore (YAM #413); 3. Matt Moore (YAM #424)

85cc 9-11: 1. Christopher Achatz (KTM #124); 2. Brody Slane (KAW #365)

OPEN MONEY: 1. Bryce Backaus (HON #497); 2. Kyle Vibbert (KAW #701); 3. Brandon Slane (HON #408); 4. Jack Sigismondi (YAM #295)


The next Cross Roads Arenacross Championship Series race will be on March 12, 2016.

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