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Florida MOTO News  - Motocross Series to Combine Races!

2018 FL/GA Spring Series at Pax Trax Motocross Park!

FLMN News Report

2018 Motocross Racing


Photos, Video, and Article by Tracy Beck

Bunnell, FL         March 25, 2018

The 2018 year of racing has begun, with the start of the 2018 FL/GA Spring Series at Pax Trax Motocross Park. The series is one of THREE amateur motocross racing series that will be coming together for combined series racing throughout 2018. The combined events will allow racers to compete for overall awards in all three motocross series. Riders only have to be series members, pay their class sign-up fee at each round, and be sure to attend the minimum required amount of races for each motocross series. The 2018 racing scene should be full of excitement, with huge gates and tons of battles betweeen some of Florida's fastest.

The opening round of the FL/GA Spring Series went well, filled with riders ready to get their year of competition started. Racing at Pax Trax started off on the Pax Trax Pee Wee track, with the 50cc (4-6) and 50cc (7-9) classes. Moto Harris (YAM #314) would charge to the win in the 50cc (4-6) class in moto one, but Caleb Frazzini (KTM #813) was riding hard in moto two, and would take both the second moto and overall wins. In the 50cc (7-9) class, Emmitt Lendobeja (KTM #51) would ride to a win, with 1-1 moto scores, followed by Lainey Sheehan (COB #803) and Wyatt Walker (KTM #38). The 50cc racing would continue on, with Karson Anderson (KTM 911) taking the win in the 50cc BEG class, and Moto Harris (YAM #314) winning the 50cc OIL class. The Pee Wee track racing would conclude with the 50cc (4-9) class, where Emmitt Lendobeja (KTM #51) would get his second overall win of the day, with 1-1 motos scores.

Racing on the Pax Trax MAIN TRACK started off with the125 2-STROKE 12+, 125/250/450 Open (No A Riders), and the PLUS 40 class taking to the track together. The PLUS 40 win went to Enrique Santiago (HON #674), and the125 2-STROKE class win to Isaiah Stockford (KTM #14), with both riders finishing with 1-1 moto scores. Darek Pixton (YAM #219) would ride to a win in the 125/250/450/ Open (No A Riders) class.

In the 85cc classes, the race to watch was the 85cc (12-14) class, where the young riders were giving it their best, battling for the win. Jarod Cannon (KTM #171) would take the win in moto 1, riding with speed and style, but end up in 4th in moto 2. The moto 2 win would go to Ryder Gwynn (KTM#25), but a 4th place finish in moto 1 would see the overall win belong to the hard charging Trevor Law (KTM #427) with consistent 2-2 moto scores.

The 250 B class was dominated by Brett Meade (KAW #147), who won with a commanding performance, and 1-1 moto scores. Meade would beat out some tough competition, as it was Cole Harley (HON #100) and Jonas Wikblom (KTM #428) who would follow behind him, finishing in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Also on the gate with the 250 B class, the PLUS 25 class win would go to Dana Krause (HSK #1), and the OPEN MONEY class win to Tristan Lane (KTM #711).

In the 450 C class, it was Hunter Blackledge (KTM #34) who would put on a great performance, finishing with 1-1 scores, ahead of Christopher Byars (YAM #477) and Bobby Machado (SUZ #19). Gated with the 450 C class was the D-C UNLIMITED class. Winning both motos, Nicholas Maronski (YAM #22) would take the win in the D-C UNLIMITED class, followed by Dustin Madrid (YAM #337) and Blake Richards (KTM #517).

A day full of great racing would finish up with the VET NOVICE class, where Stephen Pedano (YAM #15) would be the champion. Dustin Madrid (YAM #337) and Robert Bryntensen (SUZ #724) would finish in second and third respectively. Racers following the 2018 FL/GA Spring Series will head next to Bostwick Creek Motocross Park on April 15, 2018. The April 15 race is round number two for the FL/GA Spring Series, and also the first of the 2018 combined series races. This race will be a combination of the 2018 FL/GA Spring Series, the 2018 Florida Motocross Series, and the 2018 BOSS Series, and is sure to be a great event.

For full race/series results from the 2018 FL/GA Spring Series, and more information about the FGSC series, visit flgaracing.com.  Check out the TOP 5 results, photos, and video from the Pax Trax Mx race below.


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2018 FL/GA Spring Series - Pax Trax Mx Park


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50cc (4-6): 1. Caleb Frazzini; 2. Moto Harris; 3. Riley Martin

50cc (7-9): 1. Emmitt Lendobeja; 2. Lainey Sheehan; 3. Wyatt Walker

50cc BEG: 1. Karson Anderson; 2. Nick Burkett; 3. Cole Jutte; 4. Sawyer Smith; 5. Bobby Starr

50cc OIL: 1. Moto Harris; 2. Bobby Star; 3. Riley Martin; 4. Josh Hudson

50cc OPEN (4-9): 1. Emmitt Lendobeja; 2. Wyatt Walker; 3. Lainey Sheehan; 4. Karson Anderson; 5. Cole Jutte

PLUS 40: 1. Enrique Santiago; 2. Preston Tyson; 3. Joel Gregor; 4. Stephen Pedano; 5. Jason Gens

125 2-STROKE 12+: 1. Isaiah Stockford; 2. Cole Apple; 3. Kelsey Krause

125/250/450 Open (No A Riders): 1. Darek Pixton; 2. Dalen Vernazza; 3. Lucas Noble

85cc BEG/D: 1. George Smith; 2. Garrett Lipps; 3. Bobby Gordon

85cc (9-11): 1. Nathan Jeffery; 2. Zane Spires; 3. Payton Dosch; 4. Frankie Notarino; 5. Kacey Sheehan

85cc (12-14): 1. Trevor Law; 2. Ryder Gwynn; 3. Jared Cannon; 4. Brock Kreimeier

250 B: 1. Brett Meade; 2. Cole Harley; 3. Jonas Wikblom; 4. Darek Pixton; 5. Cody Warner

PLUS 25: 1. Dana Krause

OPEN MONEY: 1. Tristan Lane

PLUS 45: 1. Eugene Weiler; 2. Preston Tyson; 3. Nate Ingram; 4. Daryl Thiel; 5. Mark Miller

65cc OPEN (6-11): 1. Nathan Jeffery; 2. Calen Myers; 3. Jaric Norris; 4. Parker Murphy; 5. Jake Dunham

WOMEN 12+: 1. Aura Schmelyun; 2. Tracy Beck; 3. Payton Willis; 4. Kelsey Krause

450 BEG/D: 1. Jason Gens; 2. Chris Izzard; 3. Sean Black

PLUS 55: 1. Daryl Thiel; 2. Hal Neighbors

16-24: 1. Jonas Wikblom; 2. Hunter Blackledge; 3. Mikael Savard; 4. Cj Rosa

PLUS 30: 1. Enrique Santiago; 2. Joey Slayton; 3. Daniel Newth; 4. Garrett Cannon; 5. Joel Gregor

65cc (10-11): 1. Nathan Jeffery; 2. Jaric Norris

65cc (6-9): 1. Calen Myers; 2. Frankie Notarino

65cc BEG: 1. Parker Murphy; 2. Jake Dunham; 3. John (jack) Grommerset; 4. Caiden Frazzini; 5. Ryder Willis

450 C: 1. Hunter Blackledge; 2. Christopher Byars; 3. Bobby Machado; 4. Cj Rosa; 5. Stephen Swartz

D-C UNLIMITED: 1. Nicholas Maronski; 2. Dustin Madrid; 3. Blake Richards; 4. Ricky Charron; 5. Aura Schmelyun

GIRLS (9-13): 1. Payton Willis; 2. Kacey Sheehan

85 JR MINI (9-13): 1. Ryder Gwynn; 2. Nathan Jeffery; 3. Brock Kreimeier; 4. Zane Spires; 5. Connor Apple

450 B: 1. Jonas Wikblom; 2. Brett Meade; 3. Cole Harley; 4. Darek Pixton; 5. Joey Slayton

450 A: 1. Tristan Lane

PLUS 35: 1. Enrique Santiago; 2. Jacob Radulewicz; 3. Garrett Cannon; 4. Stephen Swartz; 5. Bobby Machado

PLUS 50: 1. Eugene Weiler; 2. Mark Miller; 3. Daryl Thiel; 4. Chad Camilleri

250 C: 1. Christopher Byars; 2. Hunter Blackledge; 3. Mikael Savard; 4. Isaiah Stockford; 5. Nicholas Maronski

250 BEG/D: 1. Jason Stratton; 2. Ty Jurgensen; 3. Brandon Tedeschi

SUPER MINI (10-15): 1. Jared Cannon; 2. Trevor Law; 3. Ryder Gwynn; 4. Cole Apple

VET NOVICE: 1. Stephen Pedano; 2. Dustin Madrid; 3. Robert Bryntensen; 4. Josh Mays; 5. Chris Jeffery


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