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Florida MOTO News  - Motocross Series to Combine Races!

2017 FL/GA Spring Championship & Florida Series Combined Race at Orlando Mx Park

FLMN News Report

2017 Motocross Racing


Photos, Video, and Article by Tracy Beck

Bithlo, FL         April 2, 2017

The Florida Motocross Series and the FL/GA Championship Series have joined forces once again for 2017. The first race of the year for the combined series was held this past weekend at Orlando Mx Park. The Dyess family went all out to make the opening round a great one, offering a $1000 Open A & B class, and also working to obtain sponsors to give riders in every class the chance to race for more than just the usual.

Many classes were sponsored, offering a $300 payout! Sponsors included Stellar Mx, Spaceport Cycles, Champions Honda/Kawasaki, Central Florida Powersports, 123 Powersports, DSI, Trackside Treats, Cycle Sports Center, and more. Fly bucks, gas card giveaways, and even sets of tires! With over 400 entries, this was THE RACE TO BE AT in Florida!

Before the start of racing, a memorial lap was organized to honor Cody Gragg, his father, and Walon Maloy. The motocross community is a family itself, and certainly mourns the loss of its own. Many, many, many bikes took to the track for the memorial lap, to pay their respect to those recently lost.

The racing began for the day on the peewee track. The Orlando Mx folks had done a great job getting an awesome peewee track ready for the race. Florida MOTO News heard many people complimenting the little track. The 50cc BEG and 50cc OIL classes ran their races on the peewee track. All other 50cc classes, however, had their motos on the main track. When racing moved to the main track, the action was non-stop. Huge gates of fast competition made for some intense moto battles. On the track and in the pits, everyone seemed to be having a really great time. Smiling faces could be seen everywhere, as many riders congratulated each other, and made plans to race again at the next round. The Florida Motocross Series and FL/GA Championship Series combined racing heads next to Bostwick Creek Mx Park on April 23rd. It appears as though the combined series racing is going to make the 2017 year of motocross racing in Florida one for the record books!

Check out the TOP 5 results, photos, and video from the Orlando Mx race below. For full race/series results from the 2017 FL/GA Spring Championship, and more information about the FGSC series, visit flgaracing.com. For full race/series results from the 2017 Florida Series, visit floridaseries.com.



50cc BEG: 1. Jesse Cole; 2. Gavin Pepin; 3. Tatum Humphrey; 4. Krue Carr; 5. Jack Newman

50cc OIL: 1. Rogan Rinehart; 2. Tatum Humphrey; 3. Evan Froess; 4. Caleb Frazzini; 5. Sophia Araujo

85cc BEG/D: 1. Kelsey Krause; 2. Kristen Washington; 3. Dylan Bonnin; 4. Noah Nuttinger; 5. Brandon Bootz

2 STROKE OPEN: 1. Mario Testa; 2. Christian Dresser; 3. Jack Valdez; 4. Logan Flanders; 5. Zackery Poor

Plus 35: 1. Keith Oelerich; 2. Dan Zullo; 3. Enrique Santiago; 4. Garrett Cannon; 5. Teddy Block

D-C UNLIMITED: 1. Christopher Byars; 2. Jonathan Fitzgerald; 3. Isaiah Stockford; 4. Nicholas Wood; 5. Franco Leyton

450 B: 1. Cole Harley; 2. Renato Paz; 3. Brent Ashworth; 4. Nicholas Smith; 5. Ian Holm

450 A: 1. Austin Winslow; 2. Addison Emory; 3. Mario Testa; 4. Kyle Goerke 5. Miguel Cordovez

PLUS 40: 1. Dennis Bourque; 2. Barry Mccarty; 3. Brad Kadau; 4. Enrique Santiago; 5. Dan Zullo

450 C: 1. Connor Fortune; 2. Hunter Blackledge; 3. Jonathan Fitzgerald; 4. Darek Pixton; 5. Cj Rosa

GIRLS (9-13): 1. Zoee Grzech; 2. Isabel Colon; 3. Kacey Sheehan; 4. Kristen Washington;

85 JR MINI (9-13): 1. Ivan Aldama Jr. 2. Rosue Hernandez; 3. Jared Cannon; 4. Colin Dellarco; 5. Fernando Sosa

PLUS 55: 1. Daryl Thiel; 2. George D. Munson; 3. Rick Danyus; 4. Sam Nasrallah; 5. Carl Kwasny Sr.

YOUTH (12-15) 105-250f: 1. Tysen Meyer; 2. Christian Dresser; 3. Hunter Blackledge; 4. Zackery Poor; 5. Roberto Burgos

50cc (4-6): 1. Carter Clay; 2. Evan Cole; 3. Blake Ninesling; 4. Afton Mann; 5. Roxyn Rinehart

50cc (7-9): 1. Calen Myers; 2. Liam Kinney; 3. Kamden Krause; 4. Carson Wood; 5. Jake Dunham

PLUS 45: 1. Keith Oelerich; 2. Brad Kadau; 3. Dan Zullo; 4. Preston Tyson; 5. Tom Magee

450 BEG/D: 1. Owen Vera; 2. Shane Hamilton; 3. Zachary Mezie; 4. Miguel Gil; 5. James Ivey

65cc OPEN (6-11): 1. Nathan Jeffery; 2. Tyler Mollet; 3. Brandon Ma; 4. Logan Mortberg; 5. Tyler Cole

SUPER MINI (10-15): 1. Maddax Spatafore; 2. Jack Kinney; 3. Jessica Jeffery; 4. Layton Fasnacht; 5. Trevor Law

250 C: 1. Darek Pixton; 2. Jack Valdez; 3. Hunter Blackledge; 4. Hunter Freeman; 5. Kyle Heinkel

50cc OPEN (4-9): 1. Carson Wood; 2. Calen Myers; 3. Liam Kinney; 4. Carter Clay; 5. Kamden Krause

VET C/NOVICE: 1. Victor Delgado; 2. Nate Ingram; 3. Stephen Pedano; 4. Robert Bryntesen; 5. Michael Webb

Open A & B: 1. Bryson Taylor; 2. Cameron Fasnacht; 3. Chase Fasnacht; 4. Mario Testa; 5. Samuel Greenawalt

65cc BEG: 1. Charles Morris; 2. Hayden Ninesling; 3. Carter Clay; 4. Tyler Schmucher; 5. Skyler Courtney

250 BEG/D: 1. Luis Romero; 2. Zachary Mezie; 3. Josh Bergera; 4. Agustin Arborio; 5. Owen Vera

250 B: 1. Gianluca Scavino; 2. Brett Meade; 3. N. Jordan Fuguet; 4. Renato Paz; 5. Cole Harley

250 A: 1. Austin Winslow; 2. Jyire Mitchell

85cc (12-14): 1. Ivan Aldama Jr. 2. Jared Cannon; 3. Layton Fasnacht; 4. Trevor Law; 5. Rosue Hernandez Jr.

PLUS 30: 1. Teddy Block; 2. Joel Gregor; 3. Garrett Cannon; 4. Andrew Hoffacker; 5. Luis Romero

125/250/450 Open (No A Riders): 1. Perry Warren; 2. Brett Meade; 3. George Warren; 4. Jimmy Warren; 5. Shane Kehoe

65cc (10-11): 1. Nathan Jeffery; 2. Brandon Ma; 3. Jackson Jones; 4. Kacey Sheehan; 5. Tyler Schmucher

65cc (6-9): 1. Tyler Cole; 2. Tyler Mollet; 3. Logan Mortberg; 4. Robby Goad; 5. Calen Myers

16-24: 1. Perry Warren; 2. Samuel Greenawalt; 3. N. Jordan Fuguet; 4. Gianluca Scavino; 5. Cole Harley

PLUS 25: 1. Dustin Jensen; 2. Dennis Bourque; 3. Dana Krause; 4. Jimmy Warren; 5. Nicholas Smith

85cc (9-11): 1. Nathan Jeffery; 2. Anthony Koon; 3. Tyler Mollet; 4. Owen Pixton; 5. Dominic Tavolacci

WOMEN 12+: 1. Jessica Jeffery; 2. Zoee Grzech; 3. Tracy Beck; 4. Kelsey Krause; 5. Breonna Walker

PLUS 50: 1. Keith Oelerich; 2. Barry Mccarty; 3. Tom Magee; 4. Daryl Thiel; 5. George D. Munson


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2017 FL/GA Spring Championship & Florida Series Combined Race - Orlando Mx


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