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Florida MOTO News  - Motocross Series to Combine Races!   2017 LLAQ Shield

2017 Loretta Lynn's Area Qualifier IS BACK at Motocross of Marion County!

FLMN News Report

LLAQ - Reddick


Photos and Article by Tracy Beck

Reddick, FL         March 25, 2017


The 2017 Loretta Lynn's Area Qualifier IS BACK at Motocross of Marion County! Florida MOTO News was sure to be there to support this great track and its riders. Nearly every fast Florida rider has made their way to Reddick, FL, sometime throughout their racing career, to race at Motocross of Marion County. Actually, riders have come to Reddick from all over the country, to test their skills against some of the toughest competitors in amateur motocross!

In the midst of all her morning race responsibilities, track owner Carol Blackburn was very kind to take a moment to speak with Florida MOTO News. Mrs. Blackburn said, "It is a pleasure and an honor to host the Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier." You can read a full statement from the Blackburns below:

"Another LLQ Area is in the books! As usual, James and Travis had the track in excellent condition. Hot, dry days, with some hot competition! Awesome 3 days, and great racing, with minor injuries. What can be better than seeing your friends (old and new)? We have been a qualifying track for Loretta Lynn Qualifiers (areas and regionals) for 30 years. Thanks to all our great workers: flaggers, referee, track managers, medics, office workers, and gate personnel. You do an awesome job, and we could not do it without you! Thanks to all the riders who support "Reddick". We are still proud to be a part of the qualifying process! On behalf of the entire Blackburn family, Good Luck to all the riders on their "Road to Loretta's"!

The pits were full of smiling faces, and Saturday's races were full of excitement! Riders were definitely showing off their moto skills, and this made for some great photo opportunities. There were some GREAT photographers in attendance, to help riders capture this great memory on film! Florida MOTO News saw photographer Theron Moss snapping lots of pics. Also, Big Deal Productions photographers were working hard, getting lots of great shots too! Cameras were everywhere!

It was a great experience to see the pride on rider's faces as they came from the Unlimited Images trailer with their LLAQ plaques. From the small 50cc bike riders, to the big bike riders, each rider managing a qualifying position seemed to be beaming with pride. Those riders finishing in the top 8 positions have qualified to race at the Loretta Lynn's Regional Qualifier, and are one step closer to racing at the famous Loretta Lynn's Amateur National.

Florida MOTO News was in attendance at the LLAQ on Saturday. Saturday's qualifying riders are listed below, as well as FLMN photos from the event. To see FULL race results from BOTH days of LLAQ racing at Motocross of Marion County, CLICK HERE.


ALL photos on the Florida MOTO News website are FREE for you to download.   Enjoy!
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2017 Loretta Lynn's Area Qualifier - Motocross of Marion County (Reddick)


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SATURDAY RESULTS (TOP 8 - Regional Qualifying Positions):

450 B Limited: 1. Drew Swenson; 2. Ty Casey; 3. Nicholas Fuguet; 4. Cole Harley; 5. Braden Groves; 6. Stetson Johnson; 7. Nikolas Bustamante Jr.; 8. Brett Meade

51cc (4-6) Special LTD: 1. Alton Baxley

51cc (4-6) Shaft Dr LTD: 1. Graham Wosick; 2. Riley Martin

51cc (4-6) Limited: 1. Valentino Faga

Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C: 1. Cullin Park; 2. Tommy Rios; 3. Levi Wosick; 4. Nolen Huston; 5. Ryan Nelson; 6. Shane Nelson

Women (12+) Amateur: 1. Valentina Galaz; 2. Ashley Jones; 3. Alyssa Burleson; 4. Aura Schmelyun; 5. Kaitlyn Helzer; 6.Kristen Washington; 7. Brionna Walker; 8. Tracy Beck

51cc (7-8) Limited: 1. Trace Palmer; 2. Sebastian Esqueda; 3. Gavyn Thurgood; 4. Calen Myers; 5. Leeland Pfeiffer; 6. Zachary Hatt; 7. Tyler Goins; 8. Parker Murphy

250 A: 1. Scott Meshey; 2. Wilfredo Guzman; 3. John Lawrence; 4. Jose Maldonado

250 C Limited: 1. Connor Fortune; 2. Jonathan Fitzgerald; 3. Javier Sandoval; 4. Brandon Peavy; 5. Hunter Blackledge; 6. Darek Pixton; 7. Landon Kent Davis; 8. Jarrett Drewes

85cc (9-11) Limited: 1. Juan Vasquez; 2. Chase Matott; 3. Zane Spires; 4. Logan Riggins; 5. Juan David Dulcey; 6. Lane Doyle; 7. Justin Petters; 8. Felix Victore

250 B Limited: 1. Nicholas Fuguet; 2. Ty Casey; 3. Gerhard Matamoros; 4. Stetson Johnson; 5. Robby Huss; 6. Brett Meade; 7. Nikolas Bustamante Jr.; 8. Drew Swenson

250 C Jr. (12-17) Limited: 1. Jack Valdez; 2. Hunter Blackledge; 3. Brandon Peavy; 4. Darek Pixton; 5. Jarrett Drewes; 6. Landon Kent Davis; 7. Jhamir Scott; 8. Raymer Sale

Mini Sr 1 (12-13): 1. Ivan Aldama Jr.; 2. Rowdy Houson; 3. Josh Clark; 4. Caleb Groves; 5. Jose Gudiel; 6. Rosue Hernandez; 7. Mateus De Oliveira; 8. Jared Cannon

65cc (7-9) Limited: 1. Logan Mortberg; 2. Jesse Parks V; 3. Kayden Groves; 4. Zy Floyd; 5. Bryan Diaz; 6. Austin Whitaker; 7. Frankie Notarino; 8. Connor Bullard

125 C: 1. Christopher Post Jr.; 2. Levi Wosick; 3. Jordan Greene; 4. Nolen Huston; 5. Matthew Jernigan; 6. Ryan Nelsen; 7. Shane Hamilton; 8. Scott Hannan

Super Mini 1 (12-15): 1. Maddax Spatafore; 2. Caleb Groves; 3. Rowdy Houston; 4. Jose Gudiel; 5. Tyler Hilton; 6. Trent Nichols

Girls (11-16): 1. Breonna Walker; 2. Kristen Washington

65cc (10-11) Limited: 1. Chase Matott; 2. Zane Spires; 3. Logan Riggins; 4. Braden Hinterbenger; 5. Tyler Willis; 6. William Jordan; 7. Joyuanki Victore Jr.; 8. Jackson Jones



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