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2016 FL/GA Spring Championship Race Back at Bostwick Creek Mx Park!

FLMN News Report

2016 Motocross Racing


Photos, Video, and Article by Tracy Beck

Bunnell, FL         June 12, 2016

The 2016 FL/GA Spring Championship has come to a conclusion at Bostwick Creek Mx Park this past weekend. Florida MOTO News was there to see riders battle it out at the final round of the Spring Championship. Racers had a very different Bostwick track to race on this time, as the track has recently added massive amounts of clay to the track. The clay changed the usual soft, sandy track into a new, hard pack racing surface. The hard pack dirt certainly develops differently under race conditions, and riders had to exercise good throttle control to navigate the track with speed.

The Bostwick Mx Pee Wee track has also been changed to hard pack, and the smaller riders seemed to enjoy the change. Racing in the morning began on the Pee Wee track, with the 50cc 7-9 class, where Logan Mortberg (KTM #317) would take the win. Mortberg would be followed by Chris "bubba" Moody (COB #259) and Calen Myers (COB #73). The three would race each other again in the 50cc OPEN (4-9) class, finishing in the same order again.

On the Main track, racing started out with the 85cc Beginner/D class. Brock Kreimeier (KTM #144) was victorious in the first moto, but it would be Carson Booth (KAW #155) who would win in the second moto. Booth would get the overall win, with 4-1 moto scores. The 85cc class race was followed by the VET C/NOVICE class, where the top three would be Dave Froess (KTM #109), Joshua Rosa Sr (KTM #113), and Nate Ingram (KTM #50).

Racing was good at the last round of the 2016 FL/GA Spring Championship, and many racers spoke of looking forward to more great racing in the upcoming FL/GA Fall Championship. The 2016 FL/GA Fall Championship will begin on August 21st at Orlando Mx Park, again combined with the Florida Motocross Series. The combined series racing will surely bring big gates of fast competition once again. In the meantime, the Florida Motocross Series will head next to Florida Cycle Park on June 26th to continue the racing in its 2016 racing series.

Check out ALL the photos, video, and TOP 5 results from the Bostwick Mx race below. For full race/series results from the 2016 FL/GA Spring Championship, and more information about the FGSC series, visit flgaracing.com. For full race/series results from the 2016 Florida Series, visit floridaseries.com.


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2016 FL/GA Spring Championship Race - Bostwick Creek Mx Park


Start Over


50cc (7-9): 1. Logan Mortberg; 2. Chris "bubba" Moody; 3. Calen Myers; 4. Anthony Tavolacci; 5. Max Newman

50cc (4-6): 1. Afton Mann; 2. Jake Dunham; 3. Austin Brown; 4. Dalton Heffner; 5. Lainey Sheehan

50cc OPEN (4-9): 1. Logan Mortberg; 2. Chris "bubba" Moody; 3. Calen Myers; 4. Caiden Frazzini; 5. Wyatt Touchton

50cc BEG: 1. Jake Dunham; 2. Austin Brown; 3. Parker Murphy; 4. Lainey Sheehan; 5. Caleb Frazzini

85cc BEG/D: 1. Carson Booth; 2. Larry E. Mcgough; 3. Owen Pixton; 4. Brock Kreimeier; 5. Mason Hronec

VET C/NOVICE: 1. Dave Froess; 2. Joshua Rosa; 3. Nate Ingram; 4. Bryon Sheehan; 5. Michael Webb

16-24: 1. Jake Raikes; 2. Trent Willis

250 B: 1. Justin Maloy; 2. Jeremy Truesdell

YOUTH (12-15) 105-250F: 1. Johnathan Fitzgerald; 2. Parker Earl; 3. Hunter Blackledge; 4. Chris Cassano; 5. Sean Robinson

2 STROKE OPEN: 1. Chance Reighard

OPEN AM NO A: 1. Evan Haimowitz; 2. Anthony Barker

65cc BEG: 1. Jason Vlossak; 2. Kacey Sheehan; 3. Frankie Notarino; 4. Ashton Skowvonski; 5. Jackson Jones

65cc OPEN (6-11): 1. Ryder Gwynn; 2. Brock Kreimeier; 3. Zane Spires

PLUS 25: 1. Sam Jewell

PLUS 35: 1. Dave Froess; 2. Robert Butts; 3. Matt Ouillis; 4. Brandon Sharff; 5. Joel Gregor

PLUS 45: 1. Tom Magee; 2. Daryl Thiel; 3. Preston Tyson

450 A: 1. Jake Raikes

250 C: 1. Evan Haimowitz; 2. Johnathan Fitzgerald; 3. Trent Willis; 4. Darek Pixton; 5. Hunter Blackledge

250 BEG/D: 1. Cj Rosa; 2. Nicholas Wood; 3. Lj Morante; 4. Brad Newman; 5. Jason Notarino

SUPER MINI (10-15): 1. Trent Payne; 2. Josh Rosa; 3. Shane Paisley

GIRLS (9-13): 1. Desert Touchton

85 JR MINI (9-13): 1. Josh Clark; 2. Jared Cannon; 3. Ryder Gwynn; 4. Trevor Law; 5. Greyson Jackson

WOMEN 14+: 1. Kelsy Hornsby; 2. Tracy Beck

PLUS 30: 1. Brandon Sharff; 2. Joel Gregor

PLUS 50: 1. Tom Magee; 2. Daryl Thiel; 3. Mitch Willis

65cc (6-9): 1. Zane Spires; 2. Logan Mortberg; 3. Jason Vlossak; 4. Kacey Sheehan; 5. Ashton Skowvonski

65cc (10-11): 1. Ryder Gwynn; 2. Brock Kreimeier

OPEN MONEY: 1. Jake Raikes

450 C: 1. Evan Haimowitz; 2. Trent Willis; 3. Hunter Blackledge; 4. Tristan Ingram; 5. Michael Kerr

450 B: 1. Anthony Barker; 2. Justin Maloy; 3. Jeremy Truesdell

PLUS 40: 1. Robert Butts; 2. Matt OUillis; 3. Tom Magee; 4. Nate Ingram; 5. Stephen Pedano

450 BEG/D: 1. Sam Jewell; 2. Lj Morante; 3. Chris Camp

D-C UNLIMITED: 1. Darek Pixton; 2. Parker Earl; 3. Nathan Froess; 4. Nicholas Wood; 5. Austin Perdue

85cc (9-11): 1. Jared Cannon; 2. Josh Clark; 3. Trevor Law; 4. Greyson Jackson; 5. Larry Mcgough

85cc (12-14): 1. Trent Payne; 2. Mason Hronec; 3. Carson Booth


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