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Florida MOTO News  - Motocross Series to Combine Races!

FGSC FL/GA Series & Florida Motocross Series to COMBINE RACES for 2016!

FLMN News Report

2016 Motocross Racing


Story by Tracy Beck

Port Orange, FL         January 29, 2016

Florida's motocross racers are in for some epic racing in 2016! Two of Florida's biggest motocross series, the FL/GA Championships (FGSC), and the Florida Series (FLMX) are teaming up to combine races. The combined races will allow riders to compete against lots of fast competition, and earn points towards TWO motocross series for the price of ONE! These events are likely to bring large numbers of racers, who will surely enjoy the opportunity to be a part of BOTH motocross series. Events will be held at many of Florida's most prestigious motocross tracks, giving riders the chance to experience racing at many different motocross facilities.

The FGSC Series and FLMX Series each have additional races that are NOT COMBINED. In order to meet each series' attendance requirement for overall series awards, racers will need to attend some of these NON-COMBINED races. FGSC memberships are not needed to race, but will be required in order to be eligible for overall FGSC Series awards. Riders can contact FLMX for their current membership requirements. Suzuki and KTM contingency programs will be available at select events. For more information about each series, and COMBINED FGSC/FLMX races, visit www.flgaracing.com  AND  www.floridaseries.com.


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FGSC FL/GA Spring Championship & Florida Motocross Series RACE DATES:

March 20 - Bostwick MX *

April 10 - Orlando MX *

April 17 - Reddick *

May 1 - WW Ranch *

May 15 - Pax Trax

May 22 - Dade City *

June 5 - Waldo *

June 12 - Bostwick MX - FGSC EVENT

June 26 - Florida Cycle Park - FLMX EVENT

July 10 - Florida Tracks & Trails - FLMX EVENT

July 17 - Tampa MX - FLMX EVENT

August 21 - Orlando MX **

? date - TBA - FLMX EVENT

? date - TBA - FLMX EVENT

? date - TBA (double points)- FLMX EVENT


* - Florida Motocross Series & FGSC FL/GA Spring Championship COMBINED series race.

** - FLMX & FGSC FL/GA Fall Championship COMBINED series race.

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