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Florida MOTO News Visits The G.O.A.T. Farm!

FLMN News Report

Motocross News Editorial


Story, photos, and video by Tracy Beck

Cairo, GA         October 2016

Florida MOTO News traveled with Florida motocross and arenacross rider Christopher Achatz to The G.O.A.T. Farm! FLMN was able to check out all the moto action during a week long camp at the Carmichael Farm. The October Carmichael camp hosted a number of very talented young riders. Riders hoped to further improve their moto skills by learning from the G.O.A.T. himself, Ricky Carmichael. One could sense upon arrival at the Carmichael Ranch, that this week long experience was going to be a real treat! The moto treats just kept on coming throughout the week, as riders were also privileged to receive instruction from motocross legends Jeff Stanton, AND Jeannie Carmichael! Riders were especially happy to have the opportunity to receive instruction from Jeannie Carmichael. What better way to learn to be a great rider, than to receive help from Ricky's mom, "Meannie Jeannie"? After all, this is the woman who's guidance helped Ricky to become the G.O.A.T.

Day one of the camp gave everyone a chance to get to know each other a little, and also to get to know the track some during the free-ride time. Day two was the start of training, and riders were excited to take to the track. Throughout the week of training, riders enjoyed a great breakfast and lunch each day at the Carmichael cabin. This gave riders the opportunity to ask any questions, listen to further guidance, and to spend time just hanging out in good company. MotoE (Moto Performance Training) founder, Robb Beams, explained the importance of nutrition, sleep, and more to the camp's riders and families.The camp offered one opportunity after another to learn and grow as a rider.

FLMN took many notes, many pictures, shot some video, asked a ton of questions, and enjoyed every moment of the week of at the Carmichael Farm! Check out the video and pictures from throughout the week below:



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Carmichael Farm Riding Camp - October 2016


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